Cold Weather Tips – November 5, 2010

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As the weather begins to turn colder there are a few safety tips  that we would like to bring to your attention.

Fortunately, we do not get the extreme cold weather that some of the country does, but there are still things that we need to consider.

It is important that your dogs wear their ID tags at all times.  You never know when they might slip away and not be able to find their way back home.  It is also important that they be micro chipped.  It is a simple process and just another safety precaution.

Use a screen on your indoor fireplace.  Dogs and cats like to curl up close to the fire and this prevents tails, etc from getting into the fire.

Antifreeze is a deadly poison for pets.  It has a sweet taste and that can attract pets.  If you do spill antifreeze be sure you clean up and sprinkle with sand or cat litter to prevent pets from licking it up.

Leave their coats longer in the winter.  The fur is an insulation against cold.  Check their paws after walks for ice ball, salt, de-icer and other chemicals used to melt ice.  If you use salt on your sidewalks, Safe-Paws is a de-icer that is 100% salt-free and safe for pets to walk on.  You an use sand or kitty litter , it will not melt the ice but it will give you better traction.

Bang on your car hood before starting the motor.  Engines in parked cars attract cats and small wildlife what will crawl up under the hood seeking warmth.  When the car is started, the hidden animal can be hurt or injured by the fan belt and blade.

If you pet is an outside pet, be sure that they have a dry, insulated, draft-free house that is large enough to allow the dog to sit and lie down comfortably, but small enough to retain his body heat.  The floor needs to be raised and few inches off the ground and covered with warm, dry blankets.    Turn the house away from the wind and cover the doorway with plastic that swings.  Hang a thermometer in the dog house to make sure it’s not getting too cold.

Check your dog’s water dish routinely to make sure they have fresh and not frozen water.  Use Pyrex food and water bowls instead of metal, since your pet;s tongue can tick and freeze to metal.  Outdoor pets also need more food during the winter, as keeping warm depletes energy.


Have a safe and happy winter.


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