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All-Critter-Pet-Sitting-LogoThanks to the Humane Society of the United States for this information.

Have a heart, be smart and make sure you pet is spayed or neutered.

Make sure your pet wears a collar and current identification tag, and consider having your pet microchipped to enable him to be returned to you if he loses his collar.

To prevent animal behavioral problems, make sure you enroll your new puppy or dog in behavioral training classes.

Animal behavioral problems can be health related. Make sure your pet has a complete medical exam by a veterinarian at least once a year.

Prepare for disasters. Make sure you have a plan for your pet in the event of a hurricane, tornado, fire or flood

Plan for you pet’s future in case something happens to you and visit humane for more information.

Learn how to avoid do bites, and to prevent your dog from biting by going to Humane bites.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors


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Please come out! It’s for a good cause and it’s free!

Please come out! It's for a good cause!


The ceremony will include pet loss readings, personal-ization of floating water lanterns, and moments of quiet reflection. An RSVP is necessary to reserve a water lantern and can be made to 757-474-5968 or to

Optional donations to the Virginia Beach SPCA will be collected at the event.

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June 2013 Newsletter

The holidays for the month of June are as follows:


  • Adopt a cat month: Sponsored by the American Humane Society


  •  National Pet Preparedness month!


 As we all know this is the beginning of hurricane season and


being prepared to take care of our pets is a important part of our overall planning.


 As we have watched the devastation that the Midwest has suffered in the past few weeks from the tornadoes and flooding, it should impress upon us to be prepared for the upcoming hurricane season.


For more detailed information you can go on disaster-preparedness


 June 21st is


Take your pet to work day!


now that sounds like fun!



We would also like to remind everyone to book your petsitting for your vacation as soon as possible.


We are getting booked pretty solid and do not wish to turn anyone away.


Thanks always!,



Joan, Jill and Ashley






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May 2013 Newsletter

There are a number of Pet related Holidays to celebrate in the  month of May. It is National Pet Month!

Chip Your Pet Month. A microchip can mean the difference in you getting your pet back if lost and not being able to find your pet no matter what you do to find them. For more information of micro chipping go to  Web MD microchip question and answer.

National Pet Week is always held the first full week of May by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

May 5-11 American Humane’s Society Be Kind to Animals Week.  This week long event has been celebrated since 1915.  It is always the first full week of May.

While this is celebrated only once a year, there are ways you can be kind to animals every day.  Here’s how:

Speak out for animals.  Register to receive Action Alerts from American Humane Association – you’ll be able to speak out for animals with just the click of a mouse.  Advocacy for animals can make a huge difference in their safety and well being.

 Report Animal abuse.  Animal cruelty and abuse is not only tragic for animals, but also can be an indicator that other forms of abuse such as domestic violence could be happening.  If you see something suspicious – a dog chained in your neighbor’s yard that looks underfed, a child putting a cat in a box and kicking it around the yard, don’t hesitate.  Let someone know – report it to the authorities.

 Appreciate wildlife.  If wildlife comes close to your home – look for ways to coexist or to protect you property humanely.

Adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue.  Every year approximately 3.7 million animals must be euthanized at our nations shelters because they could not be adopted.  Help animals find a second chance by getting your next pet from a shelter or rescue.

 The second Saturday in May is Animal Disaster Preparedness Day.  Go HSUS Making disaster Plans for your pets for additional information.  Disaster plans aren’t only essential for the Safety of Pets.  If you are responsible for other kinds of animals,  such as outdoor or feral cats, horses and animals on farms plans are essential to save lives

 I’m sure some of you are thinking about and planning summer vacations.  Don’t forget to make your reservations for pet sitting as soon as our plans are confirmed.  We are looking forward to being of service to you and your pets,

                                              Hope you have a great May!

                                                   Joan, Jill and Ashley

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March Newsletter

Hope everyone is surviving the cold and rainy weather. Spring will be here soon and we will be able to get out and take those dogs on the long walks that they are yearning for.  My two are pretty content to lay in front of the fireplace especially when it is raining.

 Did you get a new pet  in 2012?  Did you choose a special name or did you choose one of the most popular.

Puppy and Dog names!

Male                                                   Female

Max                                                     Bella

Buddy                                                 Daisy

Charlie                                                Lucky

Rocky                                                 Molly

Cooper                                               Lola

Bear                                                    Sophie

Bentley                                               Sue

Duke                                                Chloe

Jack                                                 Coco

Toby                                                 Maggie 

Kitten and Cat Names!

Male                                                   Female

Max                                                     Bella

Oliver                                                 Kitty

Tiger                                                  Lucy

Simba                                                Chloe

Charlie                                                Luna

Milo                                                    Sophie

Smokey                                              Lily

Kitty                                                   Callie

Thanks to and for the above information.

No matter what you named your new pet, as long as he or she comes when called, then it is the right name.

Looking forward to being of service to you and your pets during spring break.  Make your reservations as soon as possible.

 Your Pet Sitters,

Joan, Jill and Ashley

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January Newsletter

January Newsletter

Just want to share the following winter tips;

Dogs  are at risk from the cold and winter related hazards, whether they live indoors or out, need special care. These also apply for cats.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Place a flannel sheet over your dog’s bed for extra warmth.
  2. To keep warm, your dog may like to sleep on floor heating vents that catch the identification tag attached to his collar. If your dog likes to snooze over a floor vent, put his tags in a Pet Pocket, which attaches to his collar.
  3. In cold weather, your dog will need more energy to fight the cold in the form of extra calories, so don’t be afraid to offer him additional food in winter.
  4. Be sure to wipe off your dog’s paws when he comes in from the outside to prevent salt and other chemicals from sticking to his feet.
  5. Keep antifreeze out of your dog’s reach, and  be sure to clean up any that may have spilled in the garage or driveway.
  6. If your dog is accustomed to living the good life indoors, don’t allow him to stay outside for extended periods of time in cold weather,
  7. Make sure your dog has a warm draft-free place to sleep. Since warm air rises, offering him a bed off the floor will add extra warmth and comfort for winter dreaming.
  8. Don’t allow your dog to be off leash in a snowstorm or ice storm. If he gets lost, he will not be able to use his sense of smell to find his way home.
  9. If your dog is short hair, elderly, or sensitive to the cold even for short walks, consider purchasing a sweater for him to wear in cold weather.

Wishing you a safe and warm winter

Joan, Jill and Ashley

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Christmas Tree Pet Safety – Tips and Safety Precautions — December 1, 2012


Here are some tips and safety precautions to go over before putting up your Christmas tree to make it pet safe and friendly.

  1. Choose the right spot.

Pick an area where the tree can be enjoyed by the family but remains out of heavy traffic.  A lot of activity near the tree can result in accidentally knocking it over.  An area by a wall or in a corner is ideal, especially one which is out of the traffic flow pattern of the house.  Try to place the tree near an outlet so you don’t have to run electrical cords long distances.

2. Prepare the area.

If you have a live tree, you might need to use some extra precautions.  Lay down plastic sheeting or but a “tree bag” before setting it up.  This is an extra-large trash bag used for live trees.  Center the tree on the bag.  When the season is over and you have removed the ornaments, pull the bag over the tree. This will catch the pine needles as they fall from the tree-and prevent them from being chewed or swallowed by your pet.

3.  Secure the tree.

Many trees have been sent swaying by a rambunctious puppy, or the cat deciding to climb the tree.  Dogs can knock over a tree by rubbing against or playing under it.  Pet can be injured if the tree or ornaments fall and break.  You can place the tree in a corner and secure it from two sides to small hooks in the walls.  Another trick is to place a small hook in the ceiling above the tree and use clear fishing line from the top of the tree to the hook.  Apply gentle tension and tie.  The clear line is invisible.  While you’re at it, make sure that the base of the tree is firmly secured and does not wobble.

4.  Hide the cords.

Electrical cords are a grave danger to pets-especially puppies and dogs that tend to chew on anything.  Cords can cause electrocution and serious injury or even death.  Secure the cords by positioning them higher than the pet can reach or hiding them with special covers.

5.  No hooks.

Check your ornaments and replace hooks with a loop of string tied in a knot.  Ornaments often fall from the tree and pets may catch their mouths on or swallow the hooks.

6. Choose safe ornaments.

There is no perfectly pet-safe ornament, as any ornament can be ingested and cause an intestinal obstruction.  Pet “safer” ornaments would be plastic or wood.  Glass ornaments on the lower limbs can be especially dangerous.  If broken, pets can step on them and cut their feet.  Worse yet, they can even treat the ornaments like a ball and chew on them causing them to break and result in mouth or throat trauma and bleeding.  Many pet owners have learned the hard way not to place any ornaments on the lower limbs.  Ornaments made of food may be especially attractive to pets, so beware of popcorn garland and similar treats.

7.  Ribbons

Big red velvet ribbons are a lovely addition to a holiday home. They’re also safer replacement for the tinsel and garland that can be eaten by dogs and cats and get caught in their intestine.  Cats are especially attracted to the bright shiny tinsel, so it should really be avoided in households with cats.  Ingestion of this material can cause intestinal obstruction that may require surgery.

8. Presents.

Dogs love to investigate and most don’t understand that the presents are not meant to be opened ahead of time.  Gifts can be destroyed by a playful pet, and the decorative wrappings swallowed.  Consider storing presents in a safe area until right before the holiday or make sure you pet is always supervised while investigating and searching for his special gift.

9. Sweep and Water

Sweep up the pine needles.  Ingestion of needles can cause vomiting and gastric irritation.  Keep the tree watered and only turn on the lights when you are at home.  There is always a risk of fire with a live tree, so take extra precautions.  Do not allow your pet access to the tree water, as drinking it can make them ill.

10. Supervise

The safest thing to do is to allow your pet access to the tree only when supervised.  Pets that continue to bother the tree should be rewarded for playing away from the tree.  Bitter apple spray can be sprayed on low branches for persistent chewers.

Thanks to for the above tips.  Hope that this helps you have and Safe and Merry Christmas.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our valued clients for allowing us to help you with your Pet Sitting needs and look forward to being of service to you in the coming year,

Joan, Jill and Ashley

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National Animal Shelter Appreciation Month – November 1, 2012

Several things I would like to bring to your attention this month.  November is National Animal Shelter appreciation month.  We have a  new shelter in Virginia Beach and the management and staff do an excellent job.  It is a great place to volunteer.

November is also, adopt a Senior Pet Month.  It is much harder to find homes for Senior pets, yet they make the greatest pets ever.  If you are thinking about adopting a new family member, please consider a senior pet.

As the weather turns colder there are a few safety reminders I would like to share.  We will be using our fireplaces more, be sure that you have a screen , so tails and feet don’t catch on fire.

Leave your dogs coats longer in the winter it gives them extra insulation it helps to keep them warmer.  Check paws after walks and outside adventures, to make sure there is no ice or chemicals stuck to their paws.  If you must use salt on your sidewalks, use Safe-Paws or kitty litter or sand.

Remember dogs and cats do better without Thanksgiving dinner.

If you feel you must give them something special for Thanksgiving perhaps a special treat. Not Turkey or human food.

It is time to make those Pet Sitting Reservations for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We book up quickly and will fill our schedule on a first come first serve basis.  Please contact us at 301-7384 or email as soon as you know your dates.

Looking forward to being able to help you with your plans.

Joan, Jill and Ashley

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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month – October 1, 2012

October  has a few pet holidays.

The one that stands out to me is ADOPT A SHELTER DOG MONTH! Since both my dogs, Mikey and Missy came from a shelter or a Rescue Group. Rescued pets seem to be grateful for their new homes and all the love and attention that they receive.

The first week of October is Animal Welfare Week. We ask that you make a donation to your favorite local group of Animals Rescuers. The first week is also National Walk Your Dog Week. This is not only good for your pet but for you.

October is National Pet Wellness month.  If you have been putting off that annual visit to the vet, now might be a good time to make that appointment.

October 27 is National Pit Bull Awareness Day.

Remember to keep all that Halloween candy out of the reach of your pets.  Chocolate can be deadly to your dog.

The Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays will be here before we know it.  If you will be needing our services for these holidays, just a reminder to make your reservations as soon as you know, as we book up quickly.

Have a great month

Joan, Jill and Ashley

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