March Newsletter

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Hope everyone is surviving the cold and rainy weather. Spring will be here soon and we will be able to get out and take those dogs on the long walks that they are yearning for.  My two are pretty content to lay in front of the fireplace especially when it is raining.

 Did you get a new pet  in 2012?  Did you choose a special name or did you choose one of the most popular.

Puppy and Dog names!

Male                                                   Female

Max                                                     Bella

Buddy                                                 Daisy

Charlie                                                Lucky

Rocky                                                 Molly

Cooper                                               Lola

Bear                                                    Sophie

Bentley                                               Sue

Duke                                                Chloe

Jack                                                 Coco

Toby                                                 Maggie 

Kitten and Cat Names!

Male                                                   Female

Max                                                     Bella

Oliver                                                 Kitty

Tiger                                                  Lucy

Simba                                                Chloe

Charlie                                                Luna

Milo                                                    Sophie

Smokey                                              Lily

Kitty                                                   Callie

Thanks to and for the above information.

No matter what you named your new pet, as long as he or she comes when called, then it is the right name.

Looking forward to being of service to you and your pets during spring break.  Make your reservations as soon as possible.

 Your Pet Sitters,

Joan, Jill and Ashley

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