August Holiday Awareness – August 01, 2012

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We have a couple of important holidays in the month of August

The first is International Homeless Pet Day August 15th, And National Dog Day is August 28th.

We would like to stress this month the importance of adopting a homeless pet for your next addition to your family,

The staff at All Critter Pet Sitting does not just preach adopting rescued animal but we do practice what we preach.

Myself, Joan, I have 7 cats they are all rescued from either a rescue group such as Hope for Life or from Animal Control.  One, was rescued before she was actually taken to Animal Control,  My two dogs were gotten from K-9 New Life and Animal Control.

Jill and Ashley have three cats all rescues .  Two dogs, one of which was rescued from North Carolina and two horses one a rescue and one miniature.

If you need help locating a new pet do not hesitate to call us and we will help you anyway we can.

Adopting a shelter or rescued cat or dog is literally saving a life,  Adopting  a pet from a shelter or rescue group is saving that animal from  euthanasia.

80% of the animals in shelter are there because of a change in living situation (i.e. move to an apartment that does not allow pets) a change in family situation, (I.e. a new baby) and others are surrendered to a shelter or rescue because their owners have died or is too ill to care for them any longer.  A minority have been surrendered because bad behavioral problems.  They are just victims of circumstances.  Most dogs are  potty trained and have basic behavioral training.

My two are just perfect Mikey I gor from K-9 New Life and he was in a foster home with other dogs.  He was very lonely and I was able to find Missy at the Virginia Beach Animal Control and they are a perfect match.  Many are already spayed or neutered or the group will help you and make sure that  service is made available to you.  Most require that you have it done.

We encourage you to come down to the Shelter or SPCA see what is available.  If you do not find your new life long friend on your first trip, Come back the following week.  Pets change on a weekly basis.

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