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February is Responsible Pet Owner Month – February 1, 2012

February is Responsible Pet Owner Month.  One way of being a responsible pet owner is to have your pets spayed and neutered as soon as possible.

 Spay Day is recognized on the last Tuesday of February.  Since its establishment by the Doris Day Animal League in 1995, over one million animals have been spayed or neutered.  Unwanted and destructive behavior resulting from the urge to breed can be alleviated by spaying and neutering.

 We encourage pet parents to consider the benefits of spaying and neutering pets:

  • Spaying females early reduces the risk of breast cancer and prevents uterine infections and uterine cancer.
  • *Neutering males prevents testicular cancer and reduces the risk of perianal tumors.
  • * Reduces the urge to roam to seek out hormonal scents.  Approximately 80% of pets hit by cars are unneutered males.
  • * Ensures a happier household for multiple pet homes.
  • * Long term – saves pet parents money on vet care.

 NAPPS President, John D’Ariano said

  “We encourage pet parents to neuter or spay their pets to prevent overpopulation in shelters and help their pets live a happy, healthy life.”

 February is also, Dental Health Month.  Dental health often neglected or overlooked when caring for a pet, is a vital component to the well-being of animals.  Pets require regular dental care for optimal health.  It is important to schedule yearly dental cleanings, as well as exercise regular, preventive care.

 *Work with your veterinarian to develop at-home treatment, such as brushing and teeth friendly chewable items.

*Regularly examine your pet’s teeth and gums, noting any changes in color, redness, or sensitivity.

*Have you noticed a sudden change in your pet’s breath?  Foul breath can often signal infection, and it’s important to schedule a veterinarian appointment soon to explore the source.

*Observe your pet’s behavior during meal time.  Does he or she show signs of pain while chewing?

*Plan regular visits to the veterinarian for dental cleaning.

 Without proper dental care, infections can spread to other organs, creating serious health issues for your pet.  By working with a veterinarian to identify the right year-round dental solutions, pet parents can rest assured that Fido’s teeth remain healthy and strong.

 Thanks to NAPPS, National Association of Professional Pet Sitters for supplying the information in this newsletter.

 Have a great month and look forward to being of service to you.

 Joan, Jill and Ashley


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