Common Dog Myths – August 1, 2011

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Common Dog Myths

Dogs should have a litter before they are spayed.

This is not true. In fact, spayed dogs are at lower risk for breast cancer and uterine infections.

Dogs are sick when their noses are warm.

The temperature of a dogs nose does not indicate health or illness. This is an “old wives tale”.

Mutts are always healthier than purebred dogs.

This is not true. Both mutts and purebred dogs can be either healthy or unhealthy. However, mutts generally do not have many of the genetic diseases that may be common in purebred lines.

All dogs like to be petted on their heads.

Some dogs do like to be petted on their heads but many DO NOT.

Happy dogs wag their tails.

This may be true but aggressive dogs often wag their tails, too. A wagging tail can mean either agitation or excitement.

Household “pet dogs” don’t need training

Every dog should be trained.

Dogs don’t need to be housebroken-they naturally know where to go.

Oh… if this was only true. You need to train your dog on where to go. This preferably happens when you start at a young age and give your dog positive encouragement.

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Thanks and enjoy the last month of summer. Remember to keep plenty of water and shelter for all your pets during the extreme heat.

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