Pet First Aid Awareness Month – April 15, 2011

April 15, 2011 at 8:16 pm 1 comment

April represents the 12th annual Pet First Aid Awareness Month. This might be the time to consider contacting your local Red Cross and taking the Pet First Aid Course.

Also, with Easter coming this month. Just a quick reminder how deadly chocolate can be for your dogs. Easter grass is fun for cats to play with, but can be deadly if ingested.

On to the Easter Bunnies. Here are a few facts about rabbits and the type of pets that they make:

• The average life span of a bunny is 10 years
• Bunnies can learn to hop on a leash and harness; but don’t expect them to heel nicely like a well mannered mutt.
• Use recycled newspaper pellets, not clay litter used for cats because clay litter is bad for a rabbit digestive system if ingested.
• Place some hay on top of the litter box because rabbits “like to eat while they poop, and poop while they eat”
• Take your pet rabbit to a veterinarian trained to treat exotic animals for annual wellness exams
• Spay or neuter your rabbit because females are capable of becoming pregnant shortly after giving birth.
• Timothy hay remains the most important food source, along with romaine lettuce and store bought rabbit pellets

Learn more about how to keep bunnies as pet at the website,

Each Spring there is an increase in demand for young chicks and ducklings for Easter. The increase in demand increases the stress upon chicks and ducklings and makes them more prone to disease. The likelihhod of shedding Salmonella bacteria and infecting others increases.

• Do not purchases live animals as Easter gifts. Give toy stuffed animals instead.
• Do not let children under 5 years of age handle baby chicks or to handle young birds.
• If anyone touches the chicks or ducklings, make sure they wash their hands immediately afterwards.
• Do not allow anyone to eat or drink while interacting with birds or their environment.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter and a great spring. Enjoy the upcoming nice weather, get out and walk and be sure to take your pet along with you. It is important for them to get daily exercise as well as ourselves.

Joan, Jill and Ashley

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