Happy New Year – January 11, 2011

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What happened to 2010?  It sure was a fast year – or at least it sure seems like it. We ended 2010 with cold weather and have started 2011 the same.  I would like to share a few tips for the cold weather in order to keep our pets safe during the winter.


1. Protect your pets from the elements. Keep your pets inside.  If you must house your pet outside, be sure that they have access to a dry, draft-free shelter designed for outside use, not necessarily a large house but one that fits your pets size.


2. Be sure that they adequate water. Water can freeze within a hour when temperatures drop below the freezing mark.  There are heated bowls available at most pet stores. Plastic, deep bowls tend to work the best


3. Groom for the season.  Leave hair a little long for the extra warmth.  Be sure to check their feet for ice and snow between their toes, this can be very painful.  Trim the hair between the toes and keep nails trimmed. Wash your dogs paws after being on walk where they have been exposed to road chemicals.


4. Remove chemical hazards. Ethylene glycol based antifreeze is deadly to all creatures.  Make sure that it is not accessible to your pets.


5. Be aware of dangerous place. Cats look for warm places, such as car  wheel wells and engine compartments. Just bang on your car hood before starting your car, just in case.


6. Just like us if they have arthritis, the cold weather is especially hard on pets.


7. Animal coats and sweaters are available at most pet store.


8. Pets are like children and should not be left unattended during bad weather. Check for frostbite and hypothermia.


Thanks to www.associatedcontent.com for this list of precautions.


Wishing you and yours a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Joan, Jill and Ashley

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