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Can’t believe that it is August already, what happened to Summer. August is usually the hottest month of the summer, but it has a task to be hotter than July. Just remember that your pets need plenty of fresh water and a place to get in the shade if they are outside for any length of time. If they are anything like mine, they stay inside most of the time when it is really hot.

Also, a quick reminder that we are still in hurricane season and, hopefully, you already have a hurricane kit fixed up for your pets. Refer to our June Newsletter for a detailed list of what you need to have ready. Don’t forget to have a kit for each family member as well. We have been so lucky for the last few years and hopefully we will get through 2010 without a major hurricane here in Tidewater. Sometimes, I find that the more prepared I am for a disaster or unexpected event, the less likely it is to happen.

I would like to ask each of you to go the the Animal Rescue Site This site offers many special animal related gifts, plus great stories. You can also sign up for a reminder that they will send you each day that gives free food and help to shelter animals. It is amazing how many people click on this site each day and the amount of food and help that they give.

Hope you enjoy the month of August and spend time with your Kids and your Pets.

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